• Distance between İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport and Foça is 95 km.
  • Is one of the seaside town which protects the oldest texture in Aegean coast.
  • Takes its name Phokaia from the seals which are living in the islands
  • Has the features of the Aegean architecture with Siren Rocks, Devil's Bath, Stone House ( Mausoleum ), Fatih Mosque and more..
  • Has 6 beaches with Blue Flag which is the most important eco-label known in the world.


You can taste the famous delicious fishes of Aegean Sea and famous Aegean appetizers with olive oil in the waterfront restaurants accompanied by winds of İmbat in the coast of Foça.

You can make fishing in the real fishing boats accompanied by local fisherman. You can take scuba diving training, participate to the sea sport activities.

You can visit the unique bays located between Yenifoça and the center of Foça, can spend a great night in Mambo beach club which is the well-known club in İzmir.

Kozbeyli village which is known for its history, is 2 km away and you can taste its mortars coffee as the symbol of the village. Also Kozbeyli village with the wide variety of pancakes, gave an opportunity for its many visitors to taste these flavors till today.